Old Friends
Its always lovely to hear from the new owners of our kittens how they
are settling in. I thought I would share with you a few photos sent in of
our babies literally taking over their new home....enjoy..
Rocadanne Gold Digga ( Cream Spotted )
enjoying his new home
Rocadanne Black Pudding
Settling in with his new canine
"We just thought you would like to
see the latest pics of Digga. He is so
adorable and spoilt the whole family
love him. Regards Hayley and Rob."

(11.4.2008 )
Rocadanne Barney ( Red Spotted )

"We thought you would like to see how
Barney is growing. He is into everything
and adorable as ever. He  goes outside
with supervision. He loves his tummy
tickled and attacks slippers.
Regards Katherine and Richard"

Rocadanne Black Jack ( Black Self )

"Your new web site is great, lovely
Black Jack is like fine wine, the more he
matures the better he gets. He is
developing a lovely deep cobby body and
legs like tree trunks. He loves feet, he
lies on them with his silky coat and rubs
his cheeks against you. I am completely
besotted by him. Anne he is amazing. I
could cry when I look at him he is so
Regards Heather Anderson-Carter"

(30.3.2008 )
Rocadanne Rocky  ( Chocolate Asian )

"Three weeks on and Rocky has made
himself at well at home. Maia our
siamese has totally adopted him. He is
developing into the most handsome cat
and we count ourselves lucky to have
become his new servants.
Yours Sincerely Paula Johnathan"

( 26.1.2008 )
Stella And Portia Who Live With Sheila And Mick In Coventry