Rocadanne Henry
British Blue
Born April 2007
Proud Owners: Linda And Arthur
Bailey from Hinckley Leicestershire
Henry's brother Oliver
a British Black
More old friends.....
Rocadanne Alfie
Blue Asian Self
Born April 2008
Owner Paula Jonathon
This is Thorn "Blackadder"
just after his first birthday.  
He has been a delight to our
household but not too the
rodent and bird population.
Thorn as learned to walk
alongside me like a dog which
is quite amusing to the local
residents.  Thank you for
such an unusual and loving
cat. Yours sincerely, Sean.

(Thorn is a Bombay)
June 2010
I just wanted to say what a wonderful job you’
ve done with Harvey, he is such a well adjusted
little chap, nothing fazes him, such a sweet
little personality.
Within 15 minutes of being home, of his own
accord, he was sitting on my husband’s knee and
Harvey had never seen him before!
Harvey was just ‘chuntering’ to himself as he
was exploring  – you’d really think he’d never
been anywhere else or had any brothers or
sisters. He’s normal ‘kittenish’, very busy,
inquisitive and energetic, but not naughty at all.
If nothing else, Harvey has gone some way to
reassuring my husband how good kittens can be
and he has finally accepted there will be a
British Shorthair kitten in our household in the
not too distant future!
Your kittens are gorgeous and so well adjusted,
you do a fabulous job with them. Kind regards,
Sue (Owner Anna's mom)

(Harvey is a Brown Spotted Tabby)
July 2010