In Memory
CH PR Anwesol

aka Purdy

5th June 1998 - 8th August

My Blue Tortie Tabby
Autopurr (Purdy)
came from a
breeder in Studley,
Warwickshire. A friend of
mine, Sue Smith came with me
to choose Purdy from two
tortie tabbies in the litter.

Before I could purchase her
she had an accident at the
breeders house and fell out of
a tree which hurt her back legs.
She had an X-ray at the time
and we were warned that she
might have arthritis in her legs
later on in life.

Purdy started her show career
in 2000 and in the November
of that year she won Best of
Variety British at the Supreme
Cat Show at the NEC.

She was mated twice the
following year but aborted at 6
weeks due to developing a
womb infection so
unfortunately she had to be
neutered putting a stop to her
breeding hopes.

In 2002 we started showing
her as a neuter and she gained
her Premier title very quickly.
However by 2003 she started
having health problems;  Purdy
developed an abscess on her
face which caused her to have
balance problems with her ears.

By 2004/2005 Purdy started
suffering from the dreaded
arthritis in her back legs and
had problems getting on to her
feet. I had a stool by my
bedside to make it easier for
her to get on to my pillow and
that's where she slept every
In late 2005 she went blind, but it was amazing how well she coped and
managed to get around the house with out any problems. Her meals consisted
of just turkey thigh as every other diet was rejected by Purdy.

On Wednesday August 8th 2007, I came home form work and found her in our
conservatory unconscious. I rushed her straight to the vets and they
confirmed she had suffered a blood clot. We had to make the heart breaking
decision to have her put to sleep as there was nothing anyone could do for her.

I shall miss Purdy terribly as she held such a special place in my heart.

In loving memory of Purdy I  made the decision to have her cremated and I
shall keep her ashes in her favourite place, by the side of my bed.

To my wonderful girl, Purdy.

Although it is a great
shame he isn't with us
anymore, I wanted to
share some pictures of
our first Imperial
Grand Boy
Rocadanne Rob Roy
He lived in Scotland
with my close friend
Anthea, who showed
Rob Roy successfully
for many years. I have
to thank her for her
dedication and time put
in to making Rob the
Imperial Grand he

Very sadly, he passed
away in August 2008
while coming round
from a minor routine
operation. This was an
enormous shock to
Anthea and her friends
and he will leave a big
hole in her life.

I personally will have
fond memories of him
sitting quietly looking
out across the sea
from his idyllic home on
the coast.

Photos by: Krissi
Champion Trubrit Black Treacle
British Short Hair
Photos by Alan Robinson