About Us

Welcome to the home of Rocadanne cats. My name is
Anne Edney & I live with my husband Nick in the village
of Kingsbury in North Warwickshire near Tamworth..
I started showing cats in 1997 & my first show kittens
were a Brown Spotted & a Blue Tortie Tabby. I started
breeding these lovely cats later on in 1997 with my
first litters containing Spotted & Tabby babies.
My first own prefix kitten was Rocadanne Ruanda, a
black girl who quickly became Champion. Ruanda has
been followed by several other Rocadanne cats to gain
Champion and Grand Champion titles.
I enjoy regular success on the show scene, the most
recently been UK Imperial Grand Champion Rocadanne
Mr Bean, a British Red Spotted -
see Boys page .
My favourite breeding lines contain Classic
Tabby/Spotted & Self colours, however I have been
concentrating sometime now on Black Torties and black
Selfs, plus branching into Bombays by the middle of
contact me if you would like more information on
these lovely cats.
CH Rocadanne Cassie
IMP GR PR Rocadanne Rob Roy